Why Not Just Connect Holds at Random?

We've said it before - a random practice creates random results. If you approach creating all of your boulders as connecting random holds, it's highly likely that you'll trend toward your predilections and end up with a bunch of boulders lacking diversity and creativity.

We want better for you. We also know that getting started can be tough.

In this section we go through many of the first steps you can take to find inspiration and push your own creativity, as well as giving you actionable tasks that will have you well on your way to building better boulders.

Random begets random.

In order to be most effective with our limited time, intention should direct your efforts in building boulders. 

Some natural inspiration points for setting boulders could be getting new holds, doing a wall reset, or tweaking the layout of your wall’s existing set.

Making up and setting new boulders is a skill.

Skills are developed with intentional practice over time. Thus, with time, your boulders will become better and more creative. Forcing sequences is a part of this skill.

Starting points for setting boulders vary for each of us, for each boulder, and often they come from drawing from something that already exists.

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